Couples Portrait Photographs: Ice Light 2
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Couples Portrait Photographs: Ice Light 2

One of my favourite things to do when creating beautiful, moody couples or engagement portraits is using my continuous LED light, the Ice Light 2. With environments that have really dimmed lighting, the Ice Light is amazing when used as a main light.

When creating this photograph, I couldn't find any source of natural light that could help separate them from the background. I asked my assistant to hold up one Ice Light on camera right, and illuminate them enough so we could see their faces. I looked at the environment and used the leading lines to help frame the photo with the help of rule of thirds.

When photographing. I'm normally a minimalist when carrying gear for on location photoshoots. I often use natural light, or any sort of light that is available (and bright enough). If there is nothing available, I'll have my handy Ice Light to help create amazing photos like this!

Eager to celebrate your relationship or recently engaged?

I am a Melbourne couples and engagement photographer, located in Brunswick. If you're looking to have an amazing photographic experience that celebrates your relationship (whether you're already married, or recently engaged). Give me a call! I'd love to find out what is important to you so your memories can be forever immortalised and placed as artwork on your wall.

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