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Frequently asked questions

Who will be photographing the wedding day/portrait session?

I, Houng Taing, will be the photographer for the day, and will typically bring an assistant on the day to help out.

Some photography studios may have multiple photographers, so it is important to find out who the photographer will be. By finding out who your photographer will be, this will also allow you to communicate with him/her prior to the wedding. I believe this communication is important because the communication between you and the photographer is crucial as the photographer should know you preferences and concerns. Most importantly, they are the only ones who will truly know what your special day/story/occasion/moment is all about.

Is there a consultation?

This consultation is the beginning of the photographic journey. By contacting me and scheduling an appointment, this will give you an opportunity to meet me, show you what services I can offer, whether it is a portrait session, headshot, family events and weddings. By giving me a chance to understand what is valuable and what you want to celebrate will allow me to cater to your concerns and preferences and tailor a package that will suit your needs.

To ensure your day runs smoothly, I can also provide you with advice on wedding day timelines.

What is normally included in a typical wedding collection?

Typically photographers will provide services based on an hourly basis. I believe that time is a crucial factor in covering your wedding day. Considering it is a special day for the bride and groom, I believe that it is a disservice to them to be rushed and are unable to savour the beautiful moments on their wedding day. Rather, I would prefer my clients to be given time, and allow those moments to naturally happen, that is, allow them to be emotional, allow the bride to gaze at her beautiful Melbourne wedding dress, allow the groom and groomsmen to have a drink, hug their parents and friends, but most importantly have a fairytale wedding. At the same time, this also gives me the opportunity to document and capture all of these moments so you can relive and experience them again and again.

My standard collection will provide a full day coverage prior to the reception. The main differences in my collection are dependent on the amount of time you require me to cover your reception and the products provided. For more details please contact me.

When will we receive our wedding photos?

After your wedding (3-4 weeks), for most couples, this corresponds with them returning from their honeymoon. Before going back to work, a consultation meeting is typically scheduled to finalise your completed album/artwork designs. Once the design is confirmed, all of the necessary processing and retouching is done and sent to the printers and compiled into your beautiful custom-designed album/artwork. Your final printed album or artwork and any other additional purchased extras will be ready within 12 weeks.

Is videography a service you provide?

Unfortunately, it is not a service I provide, but I can recommend suppliers.

I do offer a same day slideshow, which showcases a collection of my favourite photos on the day to be played on the night of the wedding reception.

Is drone photography a service you provide?

Yes! I offer drone & aerial photography.

Do you photograph weddings/portraits outside of Melbourne?

Yes, I do. Although based in Melbourne, I can cover photography services across Australia. If it requires my services interstate, please contact me for further details to discuss travel possibilities

How do I book my wedding date, portrait or event photography services?

Prior to any booking, I would first love to have a chat with you and find out more about you (this can be over a coffee, it can be a phone call or it can even be a zoom call). As stated above, it would give us an opportunity to not only discuss your requirements and preferences but it also gives us a chance to allow you to see first hand what our quality service and products provide.

In order to book my services to photograph on your wedding date a non-refundable 30% retainer fee is required on the day of signing (portrait sessions require a session fee), this will guarantee your date to be exclusively reserved for you while turning down all other commissions for that day.

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