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Melbourne Event Photographer

I am a corporate events photographer in Melbourne and I cover all kinds of functions including public, private, educational, product launches and many more. My aim is to create and capture special moments that are authentic and engaging, and imagery that reflect your vision and intentions of your event.

Melbourne Event Photographer: Celebrity Panel

Events photography services in Melbourne

Are you looking to hire a photographer that can capture moments of your event? Whether it is to carry those important memories. To market a conference for your business, or even to showcase or celebrate an important occasion.

As an experienced event photographer in Melbourne, the event photos I capture are candid, fun, natural, professional, of high quality, and embody the atmosphere of the day

Event photography was one of the first jobs I’ve ever accepted, and coming from a background of Medical Research (10 years experience). I attended and had taken part in many organising committees that allowed me to document many events for marketing, websites, social media, newsletters, annual reports and other paraphernalia. These opportunities gave me many experiences as well as an eye for detail in knowing the types of imagery that are required for your promotional platforms.

At Houng Taing Photography, provide additional services including corporate headshot, so if you require headshots for your employees, this is can be organised and provided.

Different types of corporate events covered:

Melbourne Event Photography: Inspirational speaker

Planning schedule process

As part of my services, it is important to organise a time to meet and discuss the logistics, expectations and your concerns and preferences.

Once I am informed of your aims, what you’d like to achieve and understand the schedule you have planned i.e. the amount of hours, the types of function you and your expected runsheet.

It will give me a chance to do the following;

  • To understand your target audience regarding visual imagery for your brand, business, committee etc. This depends on what you intend to use the images for e.g. social media, annual reports. Every promotional platform you intend to use will require a different photograph.

  • This will lead to creating a shot list. As photographers, we can get carried away with our artistic nature in creating amazing photographs that complement your event, so having a list as a guide, will allow me to anticipate intended outcomes and ensure that I photograph the important features or characteristics of your event,

  • This will also plan ahead, as some shot lists may require group photos, so it will give me an indication of how much arranging and direction I'll need to provide to ensure all of the group photos are taken efficiently.
  • Allow to plan and organise my time efficiently. In other words, knowing where and what locations I am required to be at specific times. And knowing what specific parts of your schedule are priority to ensure that many of the expected images are captured (from the shot list).

  • From technical perspective, it will give me time to know which areas may provide better lighting. And if lighting is poor, it may require me to use flash for specific situations. I prefer not to use flash photography, but under certain circumstances, we may not avoid it. And in some cases I'll just avoid it altogether.

  • An awareness of the venue landscape will also give me an idea of where the best spots are to ensure that I'm photographing without being intrusive and naturally be unseen. This will allow the photographs are more natural and authentic.

Overall, if I can get a grasp of what you hope to achieve, I’ll use my expertise and experience to plan, and organise myself to create a diverse array of images that can be used for marketing, branding, social media and any other promotions that are intended for use.

Corporate event photography standards & expectations

Are you wanting quality photos for your annual event that are powerful, personal and resonate with you audience? As an event photographer in Melbourne, the most important factor to consider is to always ensure that important details in your schedule or run sheet are covered. So if you require something please, please ask.

When it comes to creating photographs I’ll will capture images from many angles. My composition will vary from zoomed in to display the speaker and highlight their presence, and zoomed out landscape photographs to show the degree of attendee engagement and atmosphere.

Melbourne Corporate Event Photographer: Q&A sessions

For corporate conferences or even symposiums I will ensure speakers or panelists are photographed, when they are presenting their work on stage, and engaging with attendees off stage.

I will always prioritise keynote or plenary speakers during their speeches, or presentations. I have photographed many celebrities from pop-culture expos, enuring that the photographs reflect their presence and stardom. I will also photograph speakers interacting with attendees during Q&A sessions. And also cover interactions during poster presentations (for medical conferences) and award ceremonies.

Melbourne Corporate Event Photography: candid photos

For any venue whether it is an indoor or outdoor event, I am always conscious of ensuring sponsorship signage, banners and other marketing paraphernalia is documented in all photos when required. This is usually important during award ceremonies, vendor booths at trade shows and educational workshops.

Melbourne Events Photographer: Health Expert Banquet

I’ll also be sure to capture candid moments between attendees that are diverse, engaging, uplifting and vibrant. I will capture moments when attendees are engaging with speakers in large gatherings, or 1-to-1 during break sessions or perhaps even in hallways as an artistic way to show and emphasise the importance or messages you wish to portray.

Hiring a photographer for birthdays, parties, and non-corporate occasions

Are you looking to hire a party photographer for your 21st birthday? The way I take photos at more casual parties is not too different to what I capture at larger corporate gala dinners or cocktail evenings.

For birthdays, parties and more casual gatherings, I’ll always take the initiative to ensure beforehand, to know and understand who are the most important people to photograph i.e. family members, friends etc. And because these are more relaxed and fun, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for special moments of laughter, fun and joy. Images that you will appreciate or will attract more attendees to your upcoming events.

As a backup plan, I also suggest to my clients if they are hoping for a large attendance, and they would like me to attempt to photograph everyone. It may be a good idea to hire a photo booth, as it may not always be possible to photograph everyone. At the same time, people may not be comfortable in front of a camera either, so a photo booth is always a good substitute to have under these circumstances.

Melbourne Event Photography: Balloons

I will never photograph individuals when they are eating or drinking, as this can be unflattering, In addition, I will approach attendees for directed photographs to display the diversity of the event and ensure the photographs are flattering through my own guidance and expertise. This may include me asking attendees to hide their food, drinks, adjust their attire or even hide their name tag if they wish for those details not to be displayed.

When applicable, I will make use of natural light and reduce the usage of flash photography as a way to ensure it does not disturb attendees and speakers. As I believe the only way to achieve natural and candid photographs is by being discreet and professional at the same time.

Melbourne Birthday Photography: Candid moments

Package & Pricing

The following service pricing applies to birthday parties, conferences, symposiums, conventions, cocktail functions, educational workshops, networking events & engagement parties with the exception of funerals, weddings, elopements or micro weddings.

As a guide, coverage includes:

  • Photography coverage
  • Unlimited photos (typically 50-100 photos/hour)
  • Photo slideshow
  • Digital images optimised for social media
  • Exposure and colour corrected selected images
  • Online gallery
  • Unlimited commercial rights for most events

Other products are available for purchase, such as birthdays, anniversaries, christenings and reunions.

  • Albums/Photobooks
  • Wall Art

From the guide above, coverage starts from $500 for the first 2 hours and is charged an at hourly rate of $200 for every hour after.

If coverage is required over multiple days, please contact me for a customised quote. A travel fee may apply if further than 50km.

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