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Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Are you looking for a tailored wedding experience, that immortalises moments that are meaningful to you?

I create photographs that leave a footprint in your own hearts, and the hearts of your friends and family

When did you know for absolute certainty that you found the one?

What made them different to everyone else?

The Wedding Experience

Weddings are not just a celebration, but the beginning of something new. And it all starts from the foundations of your relationship you were both able to create.

What if you were able to have photographs infused with all the feelings of love and joy and remind you and allow you to relive and be a constant reminder of why you decided to go on this journey together?

It is the experiences and the moments you both created that allowed you to undertake a new chapter of your lives. What if you could recognise the bonds of your relationship by celebrating who you are and what you mean to each other through your very own Forever Session?

If you were able to read this far, it's likely you were able to find the one. And you're ready to celebrate, together with all the family and friends, who are important and matter to you.

To be able to capture and freeze those beautiful moments on your wedding day, does not simply just happen. It takes time, experience and understanding, because when I look through that lens, I know I am looking at somebodies best friend, their son, their daughter, their grandchild.

If I am able to understand the stories, the moments, and the moments in between the moments. They will be forever immortalised in your very own wedding album. An heirloom that will remind you why you said YES, and a legacy for your new family.

Victoria Wedding Photographers: Wedding Chapel

Wedding Photography Package Prices

For guidance, our standard wedding photography package always provides;

Full Day



Viewing of Photographs

Album Design


The main differences in my collections are dependent on the amount of time you require me to cover your wedding reception (e.g. until end of formalities [speeches, cutting the cake, the first dance, wedding games] and the products provided; wedding albums & wall art).

As reference, with what I've provided above, wedding package prices can start from $2990. But this doesn't mean that you cannot create a package that tailors toward your needs and preferences.

Let's connect!

To get a better understanding of what I offer, it is best and more optimal for us to meet in person. It not only, gives me a chance to fully explain what I provide, but it also gives you a chance to ask all of the questions you need to ask. While also giving you an opportunity to express your concerns and preferences.

That way I can show you everything I offer. And create a wedding collection that is specifically tailored to you, and you get everything you want.

Also, I am located next to the iconic Sydney Road in Brunswick. A massive bridal precinct, with many wedding vendors including bridal wear, custom designed wedding gowns, formal wear, wedding invitations, bonbonnieres, bouquets and flowers. So if you're in the middle of planning your wedding and need to look at other wedding vendors, it will be a perfect opportunity for us to connect!

Most couples will also tend to ask, "what exactly is included in our wedding packages". The information I've provided here is only a guide. It is quite difficult to explain everything that we provide, without having to write another wall of text.

Other additional extras are also available including;

Parent Albums
Extra Album

Wall Art
Live Streaming

Wedding Photography Service Coverage

I cover weddings from Brunswick, Mornington Peninsula, the Yarra Valley and across Melbourne, Victoria.

Brunswick Wedding Photography in Melbourne

What is normally covered in a full day wedding coverage

For a typical traditional wedding day, a photographer will normally photograph the following;

  • Bridal preparation (the process of the bride getting prepared to get into her wedding dress)
  • Groom preparation (process of the groom and the groomsmen getting prepared and getting into their suits)
  • Wedding ceremony (from the moment dad walks her daughter down the aisle, to the moment the newlywed kiss as husband and wife)
  • Family photography (blood family, relatives, grandparents, 'chosen' family, friends)
  • Wedding party & on-location portrait photography (time with closest friends and newly weds)
  • Wedding venue reception (celebration time!)

For the full day coverage I provide, it is equivalent to 10+ hours. This gives you enough time for photographs and to enjoy your day without having to worry about being charged extra.

If you'd like to find out more details, I provide some resources on how to plan a typical wedding day timeline that allows for enough time for photographs and celebrate your special day without stressing! Also, this schedule can be adapted for any wedding, so if I am able to help you and understand how you'd like to celebrate your day. Let's organise a meeting!


Yes! we do cater for "Micro Weddings" or "Elopements". Check out the information about the Elopement Photography service offered!

For more information about our wedding packages and collection, contact us for more information, and how we can go about planning your bespoke wedding experience.

All photographic services are provided around the inner suburbs of Melbourne but also the outer areas including the Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges & Mornington Peninsula.

Services can also be provided in other states of Australia, please contact me for more information.

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