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Elopement Packages & Prices

Are you thinking of having a smaller, more intimate wedding ceremony that requires less work, stress, expectations and people?

Yes! we do cater for "Micro Weddings" or "Elopements". They certainly have become a norm in the wedding industry and I love them just as equally as standard weddings.

What are elopements?

They're typically a simple wedding that may include a registry style wedding. But you don't have to settle to get married at a registry office, you can hire a civil celebrant that will give you an array of ideas to make your wedding fun and perhaps less tranditional!

A lot of elopements I've witnessed are normally conducted at parks like the Carlton Gardens, St. Kilda Botanical Gardens, The Treasury Gardens. You can technically get married anywhere, but make sure you call the councils to ensure you don't need a permit to be married in those areas.

Elopements are great those who don't have a big network of friends, or even those that want to keep things small, whether it is to keep the budget down or to keep it a big secret (which is what elopement means anyway!)...

Elopements themselves do have their own unique and meaningful elements that make them all the more personal, intimate and beautiful in their own way.

To find out more, please send me an email; info@houngtaing.com or call me on 0421 835 648.

Elopement packages start from $750 for an elopement ceremony.

For more information about our elopement packages and collections, contact us for more information, and how we can go about planning your photographic experience.

All photographic services are provided around the inner suburbs of Melbourne but also the outer areas including the Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges & Mornington Peninsula. Services can also be provided in other states of Australia.