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The Melbourne Portrait Photography Experience

Every photograph tells a story and conveys a message, and every message deserves to be told and celebrated

Melbourne Portrait Photography

Like weddings, I treat portrait photography just the same. For me, it doesn't really matter what genre of photography there is.

There is a saying that most of us know, "a picture is worth a thousand words" - Fred R. Barnard.

I believe that every photograph has a story, and every story deserves to be told and celebrated. Whether it is for;

  • individuals that want to celebrate their personal journey in life, or even be photographed in their favourite cosplays.
  • or couples that want to celebrate their relationship and the journey they've accomplished to get to where they are right now, or our forever session that celebrates your engagement!
  • a professional headshot that not only gives an amazing impression to clients but also conveys your mission statement of your business,
  • or perhaps a photo for your dating profile? I did say first impressions are important right?
  • or a family session, where you celebrate the growing of your family and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and show who you are as a family.

I promise you, when you get a portrait session from me, I'll not only make you and your photographs look stunning but I'll also give you something that you love and cherish for lifetimes.

Portrait Photography Process

The first stage of a portrait experience starts by understanding what it is you want to celebrate. A portrait is not only a photograph; it is a timestamp that captures the essence of you, of who you are at a particular time of your life. Understanding what you love and value is important in finding out how I can create your desired artwork.

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